Effective Altruism Wageningen is a group of people motivated to do good in the world. Inspired by the growing global movement of effective altruism, we want to work on projects, organize events and collaborate to change the world around us.

One of the core ideas of effective altruism can be drawn from the Drowning Child scenario. The world is full of big problems and suffering. Our resources (time, money, or other) could fix more of it than we tend to think. We can’t keep up with spending all of our time and money on helping others. But if we decide to just help when we feel like it or when a situation comes up, we tend to forget.

Effective altruism is about finding a more systemic way to commit ourselves to helping others and looking for ways to make our resources go as far as possible. This is the core of effective altruism.

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Other groups
Our group is part of a global network and a national network called Effective Altruism Netherlands. Many other cities have groups as well, you can find them here!

Career and study advise
If you want to learn more about how to have a bigger impact with your study or career, take a look on the website of the organization 80,000 hours or Effective Thesis.